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KRISHNA GODAVARI: Life is Beautiful
1 Reply's, Recent Post by Raffy on 12/7/2017 7:30:02 PM

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Mr. Raju
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KRISHNA GODAVARI: Life is Beautiful
12/6/2017 4:41:21 PM

Krishna Godavari:

Life is Beautiful

Hello friends, I’m raju, once again I am back with a new subject.

This time it is about beautiful life at and around Krishna Godavari river banks.

The history says the people were living here for more than three thousand years.

You know that there are four districts surrounding this great rivers.

East Godavari west Godavari Krishna Guntur districts.

These areas became in to glory when Sir Arthur cotton during British rule, a 150 year back built check dams near rajamundry on Godavari river and in Vijayawada on Krishna river.

He diverted the stored water to rural farming through well connected canals.

Eventually this area turned into rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh and surrounding states.

Farming lead to an economic boom.

People started enjoying a luxurious life and have had enough money to dream for more.

Slowly they started sending their children to places like Chennai for education employment.

This further added to economic growth.

The people were in fore front in leading freedom struggle. Many sacrificed their lives.

The noted one is alluri sitarama raju. Who revolted against British along with tribals and sacrificed his life.

The other one is puchallapalli sunder ram Reddy who changed his name to sundariah. During freedom fight he was with congress and participated in uppu (salt) Satyagraha near a town known as bhimavaram at a village dirusumarru. Sometimes I feel proud that I belong to that village.

However he joined communist movement later and shared his riches to poor. He was so humble entire his life he wore khaki shorts. He even was elevated to national secretary of communist party.

Coming back to the main subject. After India won the freedom from the British. Andhra was separated from state of madras and later part of the state of Hyderabad that is telangana was merged and became a large state of Andhra Pradesh.

Real boom was started for people of Krishna Godavari districts.

The rich farmers started migrating to Hyderabad and surroundings. The first was grape plantation. After its resounding success the entrepreneur minded generation next ventured into bulk drugs, engineering, construction, real estate.

With their rich education, engineering, medical, background started eyeing towards west. Large migration started to USA auk.

Despite venturing from home away, they did not forget their roots in Krishna Godavari.

A larger boom came in the name of aqua culture. Tiger prawns and variety of sea foods became a outstanding success. Generating huge foreign exchange.

In 90’s the software boom is a big game changer.

The whole software engineers migrated to USA from India in which above fifty percent were from this four districts.

Now we can imagine what is the greatness of Krishna Godavari.

People in this area are known for celebrating every moment of their life.

Treatment to a guest is so great that the guests remember for a life time.

With variety of sea foods available on dinning table the  bodies of people became creamy.

The beautiful actress jayaprada is daughter of this land.

From distant places young boys try to trap, befriend, love, marry the girls of this area.

The most celebrat event is makara sankranthi. Descendants of Krishna Godavari every year try to come to their roots along with friends in January 13 to 15.

Cock fight, betting, playing cards, eating drinking as much they can is the highest celebration. They even conduct programmers by inviting film stars singers dancers.

It is known about hundreds of crores of rupees spent on betting and wild treats.

Are you ready to plan a trip to Krishna Godavari.

Bye bye. Will be back with a new subject soon.








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Re: KRISHNA GODAVARI: Life is Beautiful
12/7/2017 7:30:02 PM

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