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GHOST RIDER: Narendhra Modi
0 Reply's, Recent Post by Mr. Raju on 12/21/2017 5:35:33 PM

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Mr. Raju
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GHOST RIDER: Narendhra Modi
12/21/2017 5:35:33 PM

GHOST RIDER: Narendhra Modi.

You will be surprised that why I am calling Indian Prime minister Narendhra Modi as ghost rider.

In the film ghost rider the hero hunts demons.

Many may like or not like him. That is their personal choice. There is no conflict in that.

When a person grows up he will have many choices to choose from to make his life a success.

Whatever profession he chooses he should have three principles to follow.




To day the world is highly competitive. Every thing is open. I will put you in a simple way.

You assume there are five grocery stores in your locality. You will see only one or two are successful. Others will be struggling.

You will find the successful store management follows the three principles.

They open the store perfectly on time, keep the stocks piled well, maintain the stocks as required by the customer. They maintain the quality of optimum level. Maintain the price list reasonably well. Does not put hidden cost. Doesn't give false guarantees. Speaks politely. Guides rightly if he doesn't have stocks with him.

You will never see such a management ever failed.

Now you will have a question what this example to do with Narendhra Modi.

Mr. Modi is having all those three qualities. He is highly disciplined, dedicated, and works with heart.

If you closely observe him he constantly develops a team who follows the three steps. Each one will have his expertise in his own field. But without this three basic principles he is not useful for himself or to others.

Mr. Modi just not stops there he further sees that his team has the same principled colleagues in their team. Like wise every brick in the pyramid of establishment is bonded with the same principles.

Those who don't have these three principles will naturally struggle and collapse. And also carry others to doom

That's the reason I call them demons.

And Modi a ghost rider who destroys demons.

A Sreenivasa Raju


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